While you start using a new App, you may get lost and couldn’t navigate well and thus won’t be able to make the most of it. This article will inform as well as persuade you to start using the application and explore the online world of video games and other streaming videos. We will talk about all you need to know or require to be a Twitch streamer.

Let’s Go-

Definitely, each and every game freak will enjoy watching people play video games and hence Twitch has successfully captivated people to be a part of it and has gained around 15 million daily viewers.

These are the must-have things to become a Twitch streamer. Let’s check them all out so that you all will come to know what are you lagging behind with and hence start working for it and gain it.

  • No doubt, a good computer.

This is one of the basic requirement to enjoy the benefits of Twitch as itself recommends people to at least use one having Intel corei5 processor, a minimum of 8 GB Ram and at least Windows 7 or followed by that. As you are streaming PC games you need good graphics that support the high quality of the game being played.

Internet connection obviously is an asset to the device as the faster the internet, the faster is the speed. We thus recommend you to have a computer with all the above requirement that will eventually make it good.

  • Sometimes you may need two Pc’s.

Though one PC is enough to twitch sometime it may get difficult doing it on one.  As streaming and gaming, some of the intense game may be too much to handle for one PC and hence at such situation, you may require two of them to make sure that things work smoothly. One can be used for gaming and the other for streaming making your work easier. If you are not able to arrange two, don’t worry there’s always an alternative you can look for desktop specific for gaming that houses two complete Pc’s in a single device. Hack Empire and Puzzle!!

  • A twitch account.

It is damn easy all that you need to do is to go to Twitch.tv and join for free. As you do it on all your social media account, the same you need to do here also. That is you need to inform the audience about you by describing you and selecting your unique avatar.

  • Software for streaming.

Being a twitch streamer means you want to show up yourself out to the world and that can be only possible using streaming software. It’s the must have and the essential part of the streaming process. The two most used software is Open Broadcasting service (OBS) and Xspilt. Out of these two OBS is completely free while Xspilt is a paid service as its gives a highly effective interface. All the software has almost the same kind of setting that is selecting your sources, deciding how you want to appear to your viewer and last one syncing up your account and finally going live.

  • Microphone and Camera.

While you are streaming and going live you need to be clear to your viewer that is your voice should be audible and your face should be clearly visible. Hence one should have a microphone and a good camera to cover up things better and effectively.

  • Streaming from Consoles.

One can also directly stream from X box 4 or PS4 and once you have one of them you will not need any device or software and you will be able to do it all using the Consoles. You will just need the Twitch app and then you can go forward with it and make things work out smoothly.

And as you are now familiar with all that you need to know, try adding each of them in your bucket list one by one and once you are ready with all, definitely you can be a Twitch streamer.

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