In this fast-growing virtual world, with over 3.9 billion internet users many applications have gained importance but the most thriving one is social media. No doubt social media is important for all of us and is a part of our daily life now, isn’t it?

I’m sure that you will be having your account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and much more such application. We’ll be talking about all of them and their importance in today’s worlds.
The amount of traffic on social media is evident to explain the power, influence, and domination of it on our lives both physically and virtually. Social media now is not only for personal use, but it has also been evolved from personal space to a massive world for businesses, entrepreneurs and working professionals to get their identify and reach a greater audience in lesser time economically.
Importance of social media in different space will be explained so that one can make the best use of it.

Social media in personal life 

We all eagerly participate in social networking sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook as it keeps us engaged. We create our own identity to find our kind of people and become a content creator. In Social media each and every user is creating content by Like, Share, Comment, post etc. Everyone gets a choice to showcase their self the way they want to. No day goes without posting on social media, it has become a major medium to communicate and interact with our friends and everyone else out there. We also tend to follow our favorite actor or personalities and get inspired by their lifestyle. It also helps us to connect to people beyond geographical barriers. LinkedIn helps us to connect with companies and working professionals to help us find a better job. It gives us a professional platform to showcase our career interest.  Twitter comes first when we talk about real-time information network no other social platform can compete with it. Have you ever seen a tweet getting viral overnight? Twitter is very effective in reaching a larger audience in a short span of time. Common people can tweet against government official if they disagree with them on a certain topic. This gives the audience to practice their right to speech and expression. Pinterest is a world full of pictures it helps you discover and do what you love by suggesting a picture of anything and everything.  It’s a kind of search engine for pictures.

Social media for business

Social media marketing is very useful to create brand awareness for businesses and hence enabling them to reach the right kind of audience. Great marketing on social media can help business to reach their marketing goals and drive sales. Users get the choice to interact with their brands because of social media marketing this increases the brand recall value by the audience. Various companies run different social media campaign applying the desired filter for their target audience like location, interest, age, gender etc. and get the right kind of audience to interact and thus increase their sales, get new leads and Engagements on their page.
Social media marketing thus helps to increase traffic, generate leads, establish your brand and gets your marketing goals fulfilled faster economically.

Social media as an opportunity for Jobs

Social media marketing now gives employment to different social media geeks and experts. Bloggers and small businesses also get an opportunity to showcase their product to different people. For bloggers, social media is a platform for their professional growth and to get a better reach.

 The importance of social media is far more than some of its disadvantage. One must learn to get the best of it by using it in a judicial way. It keeps us updated. Social media plays a great role due to its efficiency in getting great reach and the right kind of audience.


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